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Justin Faggotter
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With Rishi’s coaching techniques I was able to successfully achieve my health goal. Under his guidance I went from 130 kg to 100 kg in 18 months of hard work training 6 days a week. He has been able to push me to my limits to achieve maximum results and besides being in my mid forties I am at the fittest condition I have been in since my early 20’s. He has provided me with the tools via his coaching to ensure that I can continue on my own and build on the successes already accomplished.

I thought my diet was OK however he carefully explained the benefits of interpreting macros and counting calories and how this not only assists in losing weight but also building muscle. I was able to stack on muscle whilst at the same time losing a significant amount of fat. Rishi was very diligent (read into this pain in the ares) in ensuring that I was hitting my daily macros and we spent a considerable time both during and outside of our sessions discussing this.

Probably the most important thing he has taught me is that you can achieve whatever you want you just have to put the effort in and get the shit done. I can not recommend Rishi highly enough. He is a great bloke who will get you the results you are after.
Chris Kalgallon
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Mr Ring Ding is a PT extraordinaire and an all round bad arse dude. He may use extreme and unorthodox methods such as torture, starvation and smacks to the head but he gets you the results you didn’t even know you wanted. So if you’re keen to get off your fat, ugly, lazy, stupid arse and you want to be hot as fuck like I am now, ring the ding. 😂

No matter your age or stage of competency, Rishi can help you to achieve all your health and fitness goals and I would recommend taking up his services as PT/Coach wholeheartedly to anyone interested in transforming themselves mentally and physically. Rishi provides valuable, no nonsense advice and support throughout the process and will keep you accountable and motivated. He takes a holistic approach, with a strong focus on tangible results. You will not look back
Derry Leslie
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I have been training for over 30 years but have never met a personal trainer who is committed to their craft as much as Rishi. His professionalism and experience enabled me to meet my training goals with support and much need guidance. His willingness to put your goals first and encourage you to push is what makes a great trainer and life coach. I could not have achieved what I set out to do without Rishi and had so much fun doing it too.
Melinda Buiatti
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What is most striking about Rishi’s style of training is your goals become his....that is how much he cares about his clients. That is where his true passion lies...he sincerely wants to you to achieve, to be the best you can! At 48 years of age, after 18 weeks of gruelling training sessions & focussed eating, I had the best body I have EVER had in all my life....all because of Rishi’s commitment to my goals and because he believed in me. I even managed 3 sets of push-ups on my toes....a proud moment for both of us!
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