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Fit in 4 is a weight and fat loss program that is designed to get fast results. This program will help you lose an extra few extra kilos without spending hours and hours in the gym. If this is what you want, then this program is for you!

Don’t think that this program will be easy, Fit in 4 is demanding and requires self-discipline to achieve the results that you want. You will follow a strict macro plan with cardio and strength training prescribed to assist in achieving your desired results.

Fit in 4 is for ANYONE, males and females, beginners and advanced trainees. If you stick to the plan you will get your goal body in 4 weeks.

Included in the

Customized strength program 

Cardio program

Customized meal plan (vegetarian or vegan meal plan available too)

24/7 email support 

Fat loss tips guide

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A detailed guide of all the tips and tricks to get you started on your fitness journey, including everything I did myself when first starting out, and the methods to maintain a nutritionally balanced and fitness focused lifestyle:

Included in the

Personalized meal plans calculated with your personal macros to meet your cutting goals

Personalized training programs, changed monthly to build lean muscle mass and cut body fat

Cardio programs to melt the fat away

Supplementation guide on how to utilize supplements to maximize results

24/7 Email support (priceless)

Plus, much more

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